happy healthy food

Happy Healthy Food

How Gut Health Influences Brain and Mental Health

Located in the gut is the enteric nervous system. It is comprised of 100 million nerve cells spread across two thin layers. They control blood flow, line the digestive tract and assist with digestion by controlling secretions. This nervous system also plays a role in behavior.

It is known that anxiety and stress are common among those with gastrointestinal issues. These two problems can also influence the severity of digestive problems. This is because the gut and the brain are in constant communication with one another. Happy Health Food – Read More

microbiome diet

Microbiome Diet

The little known microbiome diet that helps with bubble gut, leaky gut and mental wellness.

This diet consists of happy healthy food that promotes gut health. The purpose of this diet is to balance unfriendly and friendly bacteria in a person’s gut to reduce inflammation, improve mood and brain function, reduce anxiety and enhance digestion.

This diet occurs in three phases. The first phase consists of the following:

• Remove all toxins, bad foods and chemicals from life and diet
• Replace these with supplements and foods that promote quality gut bacteria
• Repair the gut with a diet that supports the gut microbiome
• Repopulate healthy gut bacteria with prebiotics and probiotics

The second phase is more flexible – Microbiome Diet – Read More 

Mood and Mind

Our Mood and Mind is Directly Affected by Our Gut Health

What if your mood does not all start in your mind? Mental Wellness is NOT all about mindfulness ( although that can help significantly, especially in the midst of an anxiety attack) did you know that scientists are now confirming that our gut health directly affects our mental wellness?

16.2 million people in the United states alone have suffered from a major depressive episode in the last year. And those are just people that were recorded. There is a huge epidemic of depression and anxiety in the united states and almost just as many supplements and drugs to try to alleviate the symptoms. More on Mood and Mind Here 

A Detailed Look at Gut Rot
Keys To Better Gut Health – Gut Rot and Leaky Gut

Leaky gut, also called increased intestinal permeability or gut rot, is a controversial condition. Due to the poor understanding of this condition, the healthcare community is split on how to approach it, or if they should diagnose it. As science catches up with this condition, patients need to look out for themselves by understanding the symptoms and what is happening in their bodies when gut rot is present.

What is Gut Rot in Humans?

Inside the digestive tract is extensive intestinal lining Read More on Gut Rot Here

Take control of your gut health and take control of your life.